Our Desert Environment Provides A Specific Pest Situation

Our Desert Environment Provides A Specific Pest Situation

We provide a comprehensive mix of strategies and applications to maintain control at your home

Due to our unique year round weather we face concerns that do not exist everywhere. Without the advantage of freezes and excessive rainfall, we cannot count on any help from Mother Nature. Spring and summerlike conditions through our typical "winter" months means we have to more frequently address our pest concerns.


We do battle mother nature, so the most effective way to make pest control as moot a point as possible is generally to develop a regularly scheduled visit. However we do also offer a one-time treatment. Our services include:


At Coachella Valley Pest Control we work with you to control your pests. We have been doing business in the Coachella Valley for over 14 years.That’s why we offer fast and effective pest and rodent control services. Below are a few reasons why we’re the preferred choice for residential clients in the Palm Desert, CA area:

  • WE WILL NOT OVERSTATE THE SITUATION - There are circumstances that need a controlled and immediate treatment to deal with the concern, but there are also numerous situations which can be handled with a quick application or a small change in the environment.
  • WE PROVIDE AN INITIAL INTERIOR TREATMENT IF DESIRED - These treatments do not have to be performed regularly. We recommend a twice annually low impact interior treatment. Interior treatments are also performed to deal with a particular concern. These treatments are not part of our fee process. They are always complimentary and when needed we try to respond within the hour.
  • OUR PRODUCT SELECTION - Product efficacy varies from season to season. We choose the product that will do the job, depending on the weather conditions or target pest. Prices vary greatly, however we always use the product necessary with no concern for cost. We use the product selectively, we are not there to wash down your property with chemical.
  • TECHNICIANS - Our techs (PMP"S) are licensed, trained and attend annual classes to further their understanding of the industry and to maintain the furthering education necessary to keep their licenses active. They are well paid and have been with us for multiple years. We do not lose them to a better circumstance.
  • RESPONSE TIME - We pride ourselves on having the quickest response time in the valley. Our service is designed to accommodate for it. We are also available off hours and in emergency circumstances when required.
  • FAVORITE WITH AGENTS - Because of our availability and quick response we are generally employed by the agents whose jobit is to watch your property in the desert when you are not here.

Let us get started today! Call to schedule a no-cost evaluation of your property and any pest concerns.


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