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Ants can come into your home looking for food or shelter. Once they invade and form colonies, spraying and killing them with over-the-counter products won’t help. Don’t rely on store-bought sprays that only provide a temporary fix. Get in touch with Coachella Valley Pest Control, Inc. to get rid of ants, once and for all.

Our insect control experts can remove ants from homes all over Palm Desert, CA. We’ll locate the areas where the ants are getting in and treat your home appropriately. With our effective treatments, you’ll have an ant-free home in no time. Call us today at 760-360-1200 to discuss your ant issues.

How to keep ants out of your kitchen

How to keep ants out of your kitchen

Most of the time, ants enter your home because they’ve found a reliable food source. Here are a few tips to prevent ants from invading you kitchen:

  • Keep your sugar, syrup, honey and other sweet foods in plastic containers with airtight lids. Be sure to wipe them down to get rid of sticky residue. Ants are repelled by the scent of bay leaf, so try putting it in canisters of dry goods to keep ants out.
  • Clean up spills as soon as they happen to reduce the ants’ food source.
  • Take out the trash regularly. Rinse out empty juice and soda containers before throwing them away to discourage ants.
  • Wipe up any water buildup in your sink and around your faucet. Ants can use that as a water source.

You can also follow the tips above to keep ants out of your home after our treatments. Call us today for fast and affordable ant control services.