Coachella Valley Pest Control knows how to deal with the insects and their activities around your home and property.

We are knowledgeable of desert infestations, what works and what doesn't. Over fourteen years of experience and study in this business have provided what we feel are comprehensive treatments in dealing with the desert's pests.

ANTS - Ants are our most frequent visitors. We have 6 to 8 different species here in the desert. Two of them in particular are home
invaders. They are mostly responsible for the necessity of frequent service.

CRICKETS - Prolific breeders who may also invade your home. Their reproduction process can lead to excessive populations and will
usually require treatment. They are also primarily responsible for our next visitor.

BLACK WIDOW SPIDERS - We deal with a variety of spiders in the Coachella Valley. Our biggest concern is generally for Black
Widow spiders. They have a particular preference for crickets and their numbers will be predicated on
the cricket population.

AMERICAN COCKROACH - This species, though not usually inclined to heavy infestations inside the home, they have a variety of
ways to enter the home. During certain conditions they can cause their share of concern.

EARWIGS - A seasonal insect whose numbers will increase in warmer weather, which we have in abundance. Though not a threat to
our person, clothes or food their very presence inspires concern.

Less prolific insects can also make an appearance. These pesky problems can be controlled when they appear. Call today to schedule an assessment or to address concerns you are experiencing. Coachella Valley Pest Control - (760) 360-1200.