Say Goodbye to Spiders for Good

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Don’t let spiders keep you from enjoying your home. The exterminators at Coachella Valley Pest Control, Inc. can apply a barrier treatment around your Palm Desert, CA property to prevent spiders from invading your home. We’ll use powders to keep spiders out and web eliminators to get rid of the spiders already inside. You can depend on us for effective spider control treatments.

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Clean your home to stay spider-free

Clean your home to stay spider-free

Need some tips to keep spiders out of your home? Try some of these:

  • Dust away cobwebs. Destroying webs will push spiders out of your home in search for a safer environment.
  • Vacuum your home regularly to remove spiders, egg sacs and webs.
  • Wipe your walls, counters and floors with a distilled white vinegar mixture every month or two to keep insects away that spiders eat.

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